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808Futbol Club


If you are a player born between 2013-2008 interested in trying out please click the link below!


808Futbol Club is the merging of the both futsal and futbol (soccer). The first club in Hawaii with its own Clubhouse! Our goal is to create an environment where both futbol and futsal have a strong relationship and can be seen in the way we train and play! We play with passion and a love for the game!


If you are interested in coaching both futsal and soccer, we have an excellent training program. Please click the link below and we will get in contact with you!



808Futbol Club

  • Progressive innovative training style
  • World class training curriculum
  • World class training facility
  • High emphasis on developing a complete player
  • Exclusive access to 808Futbol Clubhouse
  • Club fees include in-house futsal league
  • Expression Session (weekly pick up games for club members)
  • High emphasis on creativity & developing intelligent players
  • High level of technical training in futsal, grass, foot volley, sand soccer
  • Team and individual player travel opportunities
  • ID camps
  • Training and tournament prep camps (futsal, grass, footvolley)
  • College Prep Training program
  • Futbol Exchange program (California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Spain)

Traditional Soccer Club

  • Traditional training
  • Little to no curriculum
  • Development path can be unclear at times
  • Comparable cost to 808Futbol Club
  • Tournament and team travel
  • Some clubs offer college prep
  • Wins and losses can often dictate the success of a traditional club
  • Club culture may not always be based on development
  • High emphasis on speed, strength and size