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808Futsal Academy

Looking to play at a higher level?


Futsal Methodology

 The Futsal Academy's methodology focuses on “Creating Smart Players.  A ”Smart Player”  is one that understands what to do in each moment at the right time and can adapt to any situation, any game and any team.

Integrated training is the principal concept. We developed exercises and drills where  all the key elements of the game are used together:

  • Technical (dribbling, passing, finishing, control, etc)

  • Tactical (concepts and objective performed as a team for a common goal)

  • Physical (stamina, quickness, speed, endurance, strength)



Likewise, the Academy is for a highly dedicated player (younger or older) that aspires to: 

  • Play at the next level 

  • Play college 

  • Trying out for an MLS Academy

  • Play professionally

  • Play with the national team for both outdoor soccer and or futsal

  • Wants to be promoted to their clubs premier team or their high school varsity team




808Futsal Academy


Registration Fee




TRAINING FEE ($75/Monthly Payment Option Available )






Not included:


Uniform Tops


League Fees (Estimated Yearly Total $200)


Tournament Fees

Referee Fees  

HYSA Registration for Futsal 


$25 Monthly Stipend $250





 *Multiple training days are optional 







808Futsal created this year-round academy for players that are looking to play regularly as well as participate in travel and tournaments year round. For a player to play in the academy we are asking for a 1 year commitment,  a minimum of 1 day per week training, an upfront Registration Fee & training fee that can be paid monthly. 


  • Competitive Play/ Leagues year round
  • Competitive tournament at our world class facility
  • High Level training
  • Weekly Expression Sessions (2014-2011s)
  • Futsal methodology that is highly beneficial for outdoor soccer



  • US Youth Futsal ID Camp 
  • Competitive tournament travel

Open Try Outs Throughout the Year

**We offer year round Try Outs for the following age groups:
Girls & Boys 2016-2005
Contact us for more information.

2024-2025 Training Schedule

Academy (2015/2016)

Wednesday: Training 4:30-5:45 (Upstairs Court 3)

Thursday: Training 4:30-5:45 (Downstairs Court 1)

*Once a week training | Multiple days are optional

Academy (2014-2011)

Monday: Expression Session 4:45-5:45; Training 5:45-7:00pm

Wednesday: Expression Session 4:45-5:45; Training 5:45-7:00pm

Thursday: Expression Session 4:45-5:45; Training 5:45-7:00pm

*Once a week training | Multiple days are optional

*Schedule Subject to Change

High School Training (2010-2006)

Wednesday: Training 7:00 - 8:30pm

Thursday: Expression Session 7:00-10pm

What is Expression Session (ES)?

Expression Session (ES) is essential for our 2014-2011 players, offering multi-age group pickup games that enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Playing with a diverse group challenges players to adapt quickly and make strategic decisions. This dynamic environment nurtures individual creativity and game sense. Prioritizing the ES also fosters teamwork and resilience. Ultimately, it builds a foundation of cognitive and social skills crucial for success in the sport.