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Futsal School





July 10th - August 29th
$149 for an 8 week session 

Drop In-- $25/week

Includes (1) Monday Expression Session & (1) Training Day (Choose either Wed or Thurs) 

**Please Note: No Drop In from August 14th-18th

(Camp  for currently enrolled members only) 



September 11th - October 30th


We are excited to announce the addition of  EXPRESSION SESSION to our weekly Futsal School schedule. ALL currently enrolled Futsal School players can participate on Monday Expression Session games.  This will be in addition to  their Wednesday or Thursday training day.

 This type of "Open Play" is a key part of a young players development. These playing opportunities will continue to help players develop their skills in these areas:  

  • Love of the Game
  • Creativity
  • Footwork
  • Timing
  • Decision making
  • Speed of play
  • Game awareness

Futsal Expression Session Format:

  • Player chooses best day to play Expression Session (Monday, Wednesday or Thursday) in addition to their Futsal School training day
  • Games will be played on Split Court and Full court
  • Scheduled age groups will show up and play at the same time
  • Constant play for an hour and a half
  • 8 minute games
  • Pick up style format
  • Winner stays on 
  • Losing team rotates to the next court
  • 808Futsal Coaches do timekeeping 
  • Starts and stop with the Futsal School Schedule



Our year round Futsal School training program will introduce players to all the basic knowledge, body form and fundamentals of each skill to help players create a foundation for their technical development. Working on form and composure are great ways to begin development. This program will teach players to improve their form when preparing to perform any basic skill including passing, dribbling, trapping, shooting, juggling, ball control, cutting, turning, and heading. We will work on preparation, performance, and follow-through to maximize learning and development.

LEVEL 1 ages 7-14

We combine music, technical skills training, and hours of open play games to build and develop our players into highly technical footballers that absolutely love the game of futsal. You will not find a more robust high energy training program that enhances and develops kids and cultivates the love of the game like our Level 1 Futsal School. 


LEVEL 2 Advanced Class ages 9-14

Our training philosophy consists of specific skills training sessions focused on helping players to properly understand and execute the skills at different levels. We will work on removing “bad habits” and improving players’ knowledge of their technical abilities to maximize performance. Once players have a strong  futsal technical base we begin to introduce Futsal Dynamics (futsal rotation) as well as a higher level of technical skills training.




808Futsal will create Select Teams to play in futsal leagues that are played at 808Futsal. We do not form outdoor teams, we are not a club.

The goal is to provide an option for our players to play on a team, with their Futsal School peers if their club team is not playing in the league or if they don't have a team to play with.