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Welcome to our Testimonies Page!

Discover the inspiring stories and experiences shared by members of our community who have benefited from the Talent Mentorship Program. Here, you'll find heartfelt accounts of personal growth, skill development, and success on and off the field. These testimonies showcase the transformative impact of our program and how it has shaped the soccer journeys of our athletes. Whether you're considering joining us or simply seeking motivation, these testimonials offer valuable insights into the positive outcomes that await through our mentorship program. Read on to be inspired by real-life stories of dedication, progress, and achievement of our program!

I remember walking into the facility when it first opened, my son had so much fun and couldn’t wait for the next practice. Over the years I have seen him grow tremendously under the direction of Coach Kawika. My son’s creativity in the way he played made it exciting to watch. With Coach Kawika guidance my son’s knowledge and understanding of the game made him the player he is today. 

My son’s greatest accomplishment was making the USYF National team that traveled to Portugal. He made the United Futsal National team but was not able to travel with the team. 

The coaching staff to include Aunty Pua has had a huge impact on my son’s growth, helping him over come challenges both on and off the field not just teaching him futsal skills but also life lessons. He has also had great mentorship from his teammates and all those that have come thru during open play. All of which contributed to my son’s growth. 

We love the positive vibe at 808futsal the staff make these kids feel that they can do anything with the ball. Over the years  I’ve seen kids come thru that never touched a ball, shy, not coordinated and before you know it…boom…they shaking and baking! I’m a firm believer/supporter of the program that Coach Kawika and his staff provide.  

I want to say thank u Coach Kawika, Pua, staff and team players both young and older. Special thank you to Richard Pentecost for building a world class Futsal facility for the Keiki o Hawai’i nei! Shaka 2x’s! 

-Shaf Bautista

 How has 808Futsal Academy contributed to your child's growth as a player?

Aloha! We have two sons currently engaged in 808Futsal teams from a young age. I've observed a significant advancement in their overall skills since they began playing futsal. Firstly, their soccer IQ has notably increased, leading to quicker decision-making both on the court and on the outdoor field. Secondly, through futsal, they've honed their technical prowess on the ball and their tactical understanding off it, making them more cognizant of the game's dynamic nature. Lastly, they've developed a deep affection for the 808Futsal 'ohana and the safe environment it provides, forging strong bonds with like-minded players and parents across various clubs and age groups.

- What standout moments or achievements has your child experienced while representing our academy?

I believe that for both my sons, Merrick and Macen, participating in competitive tournaments and attending exclusive clinics with national team futsal coaches and elite coaches from Spain has been incredibly inspiring for their development and passion for the game. Moreover, the sense of safety and belonging within the 808Futsal 'ohana has been invaluable. As a parent, I've witnessed how both Merrick and Macen found the feeling of belonging to be the most memorable aspect of their experience. Coach Kawika and Aunty Pua consistently go above and beyond to ensure that players and parents alike truly feel like integral members of the futsal 'ohana.


- In what ways have our coaching staff positively impacted your child's development, both on and off the court?

Throughout the years, what truly distinguishes the staff and coaches is their genuine recognition and appreciation of each player's worth beyond the game. Coach Kawika dedicates himself to tailoring his coaching and training to foster the overall growth and development of young players individually and as a cohesive team. Both Coach Kawika and Aunty Pua embody the essence of 808Futsal, welcoming everyone with kindness, empathy, and compassion. My sons thoroughly enjoy their presence, feeling embraced and invigorated during the high-energy training sessions.


- What aspect of being part of the 808Futsal Academy community do you and your child value the most? 

In essence, it's the sense of 'ohana, the feeling of being embraced and included, that truly resonates. This extends beyond just the players to us as parents as well. We feel genuinely welcomed and valued, not just for our children's participation, but as integral members of the 808Futsal family.


Ojay Tambio

Sons Merrick (u19) and Macen (u13)

As a parent of two soccer-loving boys, aged 10 and 12, I want to share how the 808Futsal Academy has impacted their growth as players and individuals. 

Ever since joining the 808Futsal academy, my sons have thrived in an environment that nurtures healthy competition while instilling the value of 'pono' sportsmanship. The guidance they haveve received has not only enhanced their soccer skills but has also taught them to harness their competitive spirits positively.

One standout moment that exemplifies the growth they haveve experienced was when my oldest son earned the incredible opportunity to join MISO Elite for their upcoming Japan trip this summer. This exposure and recognition are a testament to the excellent training and mentorship provided by the 808 Futsal coaches.

Speaking of which, Coach Kawika's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in honing my boys' abilities, from ball control to quick decision-making on the field. His commitment to their development, both athletically and personally, is truly commendable.

What truly sets the 808Futsal Academy apart is the sense of community and camaraderie that our family values immensely. The friendships forged with their academy-mates and the support from the coaching staff have created a nurturing environment where my sons feel motivated to excel while having fun.

Joining the 808Futsal Academy has, without a doubt, been the best decision we have made for my boys' soccer journey. It has not only elevated their skills but also instilled core values that will benefit them both on and off the field. I wholeheartedly recommend the 808Futsal Academy to any young player looking to grow, learn, and thrive in a supportive and enriching soccer community.

Thank you for everything you do for our young athletes.


Hipa Senior

Our child has been attending 808Futsal School from 2021 and has been in the Futsal Academy since October 2022. Mila has shown a lot of growth since attending Futsal School and more so the Futsal Academy. When Mila first came to Futsal, she was very soft spoken and unsure with her use of her skill. We believe the very knowledgeable Coaches and staff have helped her develop her technical ability, speed and IQ. Mila has shown tremendous improvement through joining the Academy. She is now able to express herself and shine at futsal and at her outdoor competitive games. We believe the expression sessions and close nit training at the Academy has gotten her to come out of her quiet shell and we can't wait to see what this year brings for her.  The expression session as well as academy training school is mixed with various age groups, many of whom have tremendous skill and talent, which helps her hone her skills and IQ more. As they say 'Iron sharpens Iron' and here at the Academy, you will find that. All around, 808futsal is a positive learning environment with great staff, people and families. If you want to see creativity and more development in soccer IQ for your child, we would highly recommend joining the Academy. We definitely don't plan on leaving anytime soon. THANK YOU 808FUTSAL!


The George Ohana

Nashalia K.

Futsal is one way I could express my skills and myself. I feel joy when playing such a sport and love the excitement of the game. Futsal has helped with my off the ball movement, improving my skill, and introduced me to different ways I can touch the ball. The coaches are fun and very out going. They make us better everyday and always have high expectations for us. I am very grateful to be coached and being able to play for such a sport as futsal.

 How has 808Futsal Academy contributed to your child's growth as a player?

The 808Futsal Academy has contributed to my growth as a player by teaching me the fundamentals of futsal, which has also helped outdoors. It also has helped me to grow my confidence and meet new people. 


- In what ways have our coaching staff positively impacted your child's development, both on and off the court?

In some ways that the coaching staff have positively impacted my development on and off the court is by giving me feedback so I’m able to take it into consideration when I’m playing. The coaches also know how to make training and games a safe, fun environment that’s able to benefit the players. 

- What aspect of being part of the 808Futsal Academy community do you and your child value the most?

The aspect of being part of the 808Futsal Academy community that I value the most is being able to have a safe and loving place that helps me get better as a player and lets us have fun while doing so.

Rylie R 2008 Girls

"Our sons, 10 yo and 12 yo, have always been very competitive, especially with each other.  Being a part of 808 Futsal Academy has really taught them to channel that competitive spirit in a way that is pono.  They have so much fun and have formed wonderful friendships with their Academy-mates.  The 808 Futsal coaches are caring and invested in developing these players on and off the field.  And we have seen exciting opportunities open up for our sons, like our oldest joining MISO Elite for their Japan trip this summer!"

Kristine Fernandez

Sons Hipa 12 & Duke 10