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Youth Futsal Expression Session (Formerly Scrimmage League)

kawika DelRosario

Scrimmage League Director

Phone: (808)777-2103


2010-2009 BOYS & GIRLS 10:00AM - 12:00PM COURT 3A and 3B
2007-2008 BOYS & GIRLS 10:00AM - 12:00 PM COURT 1 and 2


2004-2003 BOYS & GIRLS 12:15PM - 2:15PM Courts 1,2,3
2005-2006 BOYS & GIRLS 12:15PM - 2:15PM COURT 1,2,3

NEW YOUTH Futsal Expression Session Starting up again Winter  2018!


Please contact click the banner above to reserve your spot today! Space is VERY limited. MAHALO!!

The details of the Futsal Expression Session are simple:

  • Teams will be assigned to a time slot.
  • Scheduled age groups will show up and play at the same time
  • Constant play for 2 hours
  • 8 minute games
  • Pick up style format
  • Winner stays on 
  • Losing team rotates to the next court
  • 808Futsal facilitates the movement of teams from court to court, timekeeping, scheduling and placement of teams in the appropriate divisions, with a little help from coaches

Futsal Expression Session Benefits

With  the elimination of referees, standing and the pressure of the competitive leagues, we've seen a higher level of integrity on the pitch as player seem to take responsibility for their actions more frequently than on a pitch that is governed by a referee. Integrity is important as sports should help develop character in kids not distort it.  In fact deception and lying seems to be frowned upon by most players during Expression Session games. This is a positive culture that has developed on its own from the players themselves as well as coaches that have the same values.

 Also, players are competing against other club players that play at a high level so the level of play remains extremely high as many  of these players are attempting highly technical moves that normally would not be encouraged in a "need to win environment".

 We are not saying that the competitive leagues are bad, we are simply saying that if we ONLY offer highly structured competition to our players they will lack the opportunities to be creative will the ball which is in my opinion extremely important for player development. We want them to LOVE the game not just be a role player in it.  A healthy balance of high level competition as well as an equal amount of opportunities to play with creativity and flair are in my opinion the best balance for our players. The competitive leagues and Futsal Expression Session running together from season to season creates a healthy blend throughout the year. You will not find a better mix of creative play and competition anywhere else but at 808Futsal.


  1. Extremely fun competitive environment
  2. Outside pressure to win is non-existent
  3. 80-90% more touches on the ball
  4. No long registration process
  5. No game cards or game reports
  6. No referees
  7. No hassle
  8. Players can play with there team or join another group of players
  9. Strong sense of community
  10. Player comradery